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Olympiad BPhO A2 Challenge

New year…. new challenges ahead!

With some success in the past at Churston with the Physics Olympiad, I would like to open up the opportunity for students in year 13 to sit the Physics Olympiad competition(s).

There are two to choose from, but I would recommend the BPhO A2 Challenge. You will be required to sit an Olympiad paper for round 1. If you do well enough the BPhO committee will invite you back to round 2! The Olympiad paper will be sat in school under exam conditions and you will have a formula booklet similar to those you are used to.

You have nothing to lose just skills to gain!

To try some past paper go to the relevant section on this page – Olympiad training. Alternatively go to the actual past paper page of the Olympiad website where there are mark schemes available too – link (be sure to click on the ‘BPhO A2 Challenge’ papers).

If you are interested I will need to get you signed up so please just flick me an email or speak to me in person and I will make a note of your interest!

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