This section provides knowledge and understanding of Space; what else is out there in our solar system, what a galaxy is, how large other objects are in space, how is the Sun fuelled and how long will the Sun last for?

Questions about where we are, and where we came from, have been asked for thousands of years. In the past century, astronomers and astrophysicists have made remarkable progress in understanding the scale and structure of the universe, its evolution and ours. New questions have emerged recently. ‘Dark matter’, which bends light and holds galaxies together but does not emit electromagnetic radiation, is everywhere – what is it? And what is causing the universe to expand ever faster?

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There are currently around 500,000 pieces of human-made debris hurtling around the planet CREDIT: NASA

The different areas of this topic are outlined here;

  • The solar system
  • The life cycle of a star
  • Fusion in stars
  • Satellites and circular motion
  • Red shift and the big bang theory

Please remember that you started your GCSEs in year 9 and also learnt material in years 7 and 8 which led into this topic.