Here are plenty of revision resources for the whole of G484, they have been selected from external sources, they are full of useful questions and examples (1).

Module 1 4.1.1 Newtons Laws
Module 1 4.1.2 Collisions
Module 2 4.2.1 Circular Motion
Module 2 4.2.2 Gravitational Fields a
Module 2 4.2.2 Gravitational Fields b
Module 2 4.2.3 Simple Harmonic Oscillations a
Module 2 4.2.3 Simple Harmonic Oscillations b
Module 3 4.3.1 Solids Liquids and Gases
Module 3 4.3.2 Temperature
Module 3 4.3.3 Thermal Properties of Materials
Module 3 4.3.4 Ideal Gases

For a revision document covering the whole of G484 click on the below link, unfortunately some of the images are out of place but as a whole it is a useful resource (2);
G484 Revision Pack

Below are some more links for past paper questions grouped together by topic. So select the topic you want to work on and there will be the last few years worth of questions available (3);

4.1 Momentum
4.2.1 Circular Motion
4.2.2 Gravitational Fields  <– Begin this one for the cover lesson 16.03.2015
4.2.3 Oscillations (SHM)
4.3 Thermal Physics

Sources of materials:


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