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Electric Fields


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26 Lessons

Electric Fields – An Introduction

Electric Fields – Spherical and point charges
Understanding The Basics of Electric Fields
Drawing Electric fields and their Symmetry
Assignment – Electric Field Drawing and Symmetry

Coulomb’s Law

Non-Uniform Electric Fields

Uniform Electric Fields

Electric Potential and Energy

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Electric fields are fundamental to our way of life today and by studying this course you will be able to continue your studies into magnetism. The two courses unite to form electromagnetism. Not only do we require electromagnetism for electric vehicles and generating electricity, electromagnetic radiation stems from these initial concepts.

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This course provides information, derivation and questions on Coulomb’s law, uniform electric fields, electric potential and energy.

The lesson-by-lesson schedule will be as follows and includes questions after each to support your learning.

  • Electric Fields – Spherical and point charges
  • Coulomb’s Law
  • Electric Potential – Uniform field strength
    – Deriving the Equation for Electric Field Strength between Parallel Plates
  • Electric Potential – The motion of charged particles in an electric field
  • Electric Potential – The motion of charged particles in an electric field in 2-Dimensions
  • Electric Potential and Energy

If you find any sections unclear then please leave a comment or a question and we will endeavor to resolve or clarify the concept.

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