Requirements for studying A level Physics at Churston

You will already have been told about the minimum grades required in your GCSEs in order to keep studying Physics at A level. These grades were as follows;

  • Physics (triple science) – 7
  • Double science – 6,7
  • Mathematics – 7

If for any reason you did not meet these requirements, don’t fret, but just be aware that they have been set because Physics A level is a tough course. It is a huge jump from GCSE to A level and not only do we want you to enjoy it but we also want you to study for the two years and obtain a good grade at the end of it, that you will be happy with and will be useful to you!

The Mathematical content and difficulty is high and those students not taking A Level Maths will find the course more difficult, so please keep this in mind and be aware that you will need to keep up you Maths skills.

You must have a strong work ethic and lots of time available to study.