Physics is one of the toughest but rewarding A Levels you could have chosen.

The students who work the hardest do the best.

Over the course you will have a little over 9 hours of lessons a fortnight that will cover all the theory and practical skills you will need.

You will be given homework questions nearly every lesson and these will be expected to be completed by the next lesson in most cases.

At A Level you are expected to be spending a minimum of 3 hours per week out of class completing homework, reviewing your work and reading around the subject.

In addition to the lessons you will receive, there is plenty of support available:

  • Teachers: Your teacher is your first point of call as they are the experts – you will have 2 teachers who will always offer their time when they are available to help you in and out of lessons.
  • Notes and differentiated questions: We have produced a full set of notes that accompany each lesson. These notes are targeted to the lesson objectives that we have written and have HW questions that tie into the learning outcomes. You will be expected to print these off or save them so they are easily accessible on your Chromebook, to organise these in a folder and add any extra notes that you written in or out of lessons and bring these along to lessons where we will check these periodically.