Welcome to A level Physics

This page has been designed to help you bridge the gap from GCSE to AS Level to ensure that you understand what you’ve let yourself in for and that you are ready for your new course in September.

You will start by looking at the topics covered in Year 12 and 13 in the Physics OCR A course and give you an idea of how the course will be structured and what resources are available and when you will be doing tests, exams and practical assessments.

Then you will review what you already know and be given some work to do to make sure you’re all ready to start in September to give yourself the best chance of success.

You will find this booklet and all resources described in this booklet on this website written specifically for this course.

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Everything at A Level builds on your GCSE knowledge, skills and understanding and so you will first need to review everything you have done in Core and Additional GCSE.

Some of you have an advantage in that you have also done Triple science (further) Physics – it is recommended that you review this work.

For those of you that didn’t do Further, it is seriously advised that you look over this content for the first time.

We will start with a 2 week Bridging Course to get everybody up to speed before we start the AS course. The course will revise some of your KS4 knowledge but it will mostly be developing new skills and understanding and culminates in an assessment that tests the content on the following pages and how quickly you pick up new information that you will be taught in these first 2 weeks.

This section consists of the following pages;