Here you will find a list of some achievements that YOU have made whilst studying digitally:

55025 Credits
1049 VIP Points

The scores above are dependent on the frequency of your studying, the number of lessons you have completed and the courses enrolled upon.

A full list can be seen below. These will be used to award prizes towards the end of the Summer term 🙂


3 Credit Awards

  • 5 credits for logging in each day
  • 50 credits for completing a lesson
  • 30 credits for enrolling onto a new course

VIP Points

3 VIP Awards

  • 1 VIP points for logging in each day
  • 2 VIP points for registering with EducatingPhysics
  • 2 VIP points for commenting on a post

1 VIP Deduct

  • 2 VIP points for deleting a post