At EducatingPhysics, I am a sucker for a good bit of science. Exploring the world around us, learning its structure and what makes it tick it at the heart of it all. EducatingPhysics has been set up to give students and teachers access to information, questions, courses and assignments targeting GCSE and A level courses; Allowing the knowledge of Physics to spread, be understood and to inspire.

EducatingPhysics began as a blogging site, and whilst this is still a feature, it now aims at giving students access to structured courses that integrate information, questions, YouTube videos (from a variety of fun and engaging science enthusiasts) and quizzes. Please sign up to this website, and make the most of resources accessible. This site is a constant working progress, so by all means help me to improve it, if you spot a mistake, submit a comment and see it fixed, you name will join a list of contributors below.

Want to submit your own article? Get in touch and see it posted on here. Physics is for everyone, we all have questions, ask them while you have the time.

A current favourite quote at Educating Physics:

“What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.” 

Saint Augustine

Mr Murray-Smith, a teacher at Churston Ferrers Grammar School in the SouthWest of England, began EducatingPhysics to give classroom students access to experiments, notes and solutions both in and out of his lessons.

The new aim is to support students everywhere, by sharing knowledge further across the whole school and beyond. EducatingPhysics has developed and is continuously being updated with new and fresh content.

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