Here are some excellent factsheets taken from the curriculum-press and courtesy of They come with information, facts, example questions, tests and mark schemes (for most of the questions anyway).

Module 1 – Practical Skills in Physics

Module 2 – Foundation of Physics

Module 3 – Forces and Motion

3.1 Motion
3.2 Forces in Action
3.3 Work, Energy and Power
3.4 Materials
3.5 Momentum

Module 4 – Electrons, Waves and Photons

4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 Electricity topics

4.4 Waves

4.5 Quantum Physics

Module 5 – Newtonian World and Astrophysics

5.1 Thermal Physics
5.2 Circular Motion
5.3 Oscillations
5.4 Gravitational Fields
5.5 Astrophysics and Cosmology

Module 6 – Particles and Medical Physics

6.1 Capacitors
6.2 Electric Fields
6.3 Electromagnetism
6.4 Nuclear and Particle Physics
6.5 Medical Imaging

These are a bit old now but the questions are perfectly valid if you want to try a question a day in the run up to end of year exams or your actual exams.

For a clearer image of this daily revision calendar for As Module 4: Electrons Waves and Photons questions – suitable for OCR A click here: Physics in April Module 4 pdf

For a clearer image of this daily revision calendar for As Module 6: Particles and Medical Physics questions – suitable for OCR A click here:  Physics in April Module 6 pdf

I will post some solutions every so often – enjoy!